Scalable sales systems, built in months instead of years. What's it like to be part of Upshift?
Scaling sales is not just about speed; it's about mastering the shift from one stage of growth to the next. If you know the principles and the mechanics of how to build movement and tune growth, you can master the shift. We know how to get you into a higher gear. Here's how we do it.
Before beginning to engineer plans for growth, we need to understand a start-up's current status.
  • Data deep-dive into a company's marketing and sales activities to understand areas for improvement.
  • Research and interviews with customers to gain an understanding of key values.
  • Review of a company's current systems, processes, and teams for customer acquisition.
Once we understand the present status of your start-up we can begin to design the strategy for where you want to go.
  • Strategic Positioning Workshop.
  • In-depth sales modeling including ROI analysis, staffing requirements, and weekly growth targets.
  • Strategic recommendations for scaling.
We begin designing the system and tools that will be needed to execute on the strategy.
  • CRM specification and workflow.
  • Telephone script and email template design.
  • Sales process and automation design.
  • Prospecting and lead-handling plans.
  • In-depth reporting and executive dashboards.
Our in-house developers will build out the system, reporting, automation and process, and our in-house writers will build out sales tools.
  • Telephony system integration and reporting.
  • CRM buildout including reporting, workflow automation and dashboards.
  • Existing data import and categorization.
  • Script writing, email template creation and call handling plans.
Once the system is in place we work with the appropriate members of the executive team weekly.
  • Managing adoption across the organization.
  • Managing by the numbers.
  • Forecasting revenue and deal flow.
We work with your executive team to optimize the process, system and reporting once deals are flowing.
  • Adding new reports and dashboards to get critical data.
  • Forecasting analysis.
  • Iterating the sales process and messaging to improve conversions.