Founders face a lot of uncertainties.
   Sales doesn’t have to be one of them.
Building and tuning your sales engine isn't an art. It’s about having the right strategy, systems and tools.
We build them for you in a few short months so you can focus on what you do best.
Why Upshift?
Upshift shortens the time that it takes for your portfolio companies to develop a customer acquisition plan and enables your founders to focus on what they do best. Our team plugs in, designs, builds, tests and optimizes companies systems for growing sales in a matter of months.
Upshift will design, build, test, and optimize your sales engine in months as opposed to years. This means a faster path to revenue and a stronger foundation when you scale. Let's build something together.
We select a small number of fast-growing technology companies to partner with and engineer their sales growth. Interested?
We had zero sales experience at Thumbtack, so we decided to team up with Gabe because of his past successes scaling sales teams to 100+. Most of our work with consultants over the years hasn't been successful, but Gabe is a rare exception. He helped us create a productive sales team from square one in just a few months, which would have taken us at least twice as long by ourselves. Most importantly, we now have the internal expertise to continue to build this ourselves.
- Jonathan Swanson, co-founder and president
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How We Work
We learned how to grow sales the hard way and developed a rigorous proven method for quickly and cost-efficiently building a sales organization. Now, we engage with a select few companies at a time to help them grow too. In a few short months we roll up our sleeves and we assess, design, engineer, test, and optimize your sales system.

Once it's up and running, we teach your team how to effectively use these tools to shift into a higher gear and continue to engineer long-term growth. At this point, we invest up to $250k to assist with growth.